A grinder machine was bought to the Domus Foundation

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On 9th November the grinder machine was handed on at Bodogaia, which was brought and given to be used for free for the Domus Foundation by the Association of Waste Management in Harghita County, established by the Harghita County Council.

The Domus Foundation supports the employment of children who are released from the institutional system of Harghita County over the German Baden-Württemberg range project. Students from the Vocational Secondary School Zeyk Domokos and persons from the child protection system are performing professional practices at the office of the foundation, a contemporary area of Agricultural Cooperative farm. Endre Burus, the Director of the foundation greeting the gathered people, claiming that the grinder machine with the value of 30 thousands lei they are making compost from the collected tree leaves and branches. According to the Vice-president, Tihamér Barti, they are also thinking about the project’s after-life, because this is only about the development of the system, and it is important to make the population aware of contemporal waste management. The other Vice-president, Csongor Incze, stated that seeing the Domus Foundation’s activity the grinder machine was given to the right place, because it helps the youth to master the knowledges regarding to the organic agriculture, learning the differences between the vegetables produced with the help of chemicals and fertilizers, and organic products.

At the location of the ceremony Csaba Borboly, the President of the Harghita County Council, said that with this they would like to ensure the continuity of the German Western kind project – because the German partner imposed the condition of local financing as well – and last but not least it matches into the project financed by the European Union with the aim of developing the county integrated waste management system.

Miercurea Ciuc, 9. November 2015

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