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Event’s name: The Meeting of Thousand Szekler Girls
Date:  3rd of July 2010.
Place: Şumuleu Ciuc, Miercurea Ciuc, Harghita County, Romania
According to tradition , each year on the first Sunday in July, the Thousand Szekler Girls festivity is organized at Şumuleu Ciuc in Harghita County, Romania. The first meeting was organized in 1931 based on the initiative of Mr. Domokos Pal Peter. Since then, despite of many difficulties, he managed to organize each year this famous festivity. In time became one of the most famous events in Transylvania.

The event aims to promote the traditional Szekler folk song, folk dance, folk music, traditional groups, artists and beautiful Szekler costumes. The dance, song and music are in fact the noblest expression of our community’s soul.

The event offers the possibility for every visitor and participant to experience the beauty of the Szekler traditions, in the form celebrated and promoted hundreds of years ago.
On this day, year after year thousands of people from the whole territory of Szeklerland come to dance traditional folk dance. This event is also known and widely recognized even beyond our state borders as one of the most beautiful local cultural manifests.
We are pleased to invite you to this event. Its biggest beauty reflects unity in diversity and the Szekler culture is one of the color patches of Europe.  

For further details and information please contact Ms. Lukács Éva, counselor on international relations of Harghita County Council at the following coordinates:, Tel.: 0040- 266.207.701, Fax.: 0040-266.207.703.


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