The annual activity of the volunteer firefighters from Alcsík micro-region of Harghita County was evaluated along the presentation of the CivPro projects communication plan

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In the presence of six settlements volunteer fire-corps and majors the evaluation of the annual activity of the volunteer firefigters from Alcsík was organized in Csíkkozmás from Harghita County on 23rd of November 2011. Mr. Borboly Csaba president, Mr. Becze István and Mr. Rafain Zoltán county councillors were present on behalf of Harghita County Council and awarded the eight participating teams on the traditional fire challenge cup from Alcsík micro-region. They handed over the Márton Áron medal to the citizens who achieved outstanding results in scientific, cultural and sporting life, public administration, building the county’s international relations and other activities that were worthy of recognition.
Borboly Csaba expressed his appreciation to the volunteer firefighters who are taking rasponsability for their communities, because in case of flood or fire their irreplaceable activities are needed. Futhermore he took a short presentation regarding the Communication Plan and the main objectives and targets of the CivPro, Regional Initiative Project financed by INTERREG IVC.
Miercurea Ciuc, 24th of November 2011.
Hargita Megye Tanácsa
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