Harghita County Councils internship program

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The internship program in itself is not a new phenomena in Romania. The law regarding the internship programs was born already in 2008. Harghita County Council was the first amongst the county councils countrywide that saw the endless potential behind this opportunity and launched the internship program. It is an outstanding paid opportunity of career start and experience gaining for young people most likely within their field of expertises. 

The whole journey begins with the paperwork and preparation of the material for the announcement of the legally allowed 10 free intern places per year. This includes the acceptance of the content of the announcement, calculation of the budget and compiling the material and requirements for the written and oral exams.

Harghita County Council aims for youngsters who have already completed their tertiary education, but have not started working yet. The long term goal of the internship program is to expand the number of colleagues, thereby gaining new fresh perspectives on different issues as well as energetic young workforce. The replacement of the elderly colleagues currently standing right before their pensioneer years is another bonus of the program. The short term goal of the 5 month long internship program is to teach the young workforce, let them get familiar with the institute, the different kinds of tasks as well.

Luckily many of our past interns who participated in the internship program became full time colleagues, but the few of the interns who decided to continue their careers elsewhere reported that they are thankful and successful in their careers as well.

The internship program of Harghita County Council is highly popular especially amongst those young people who have plans of settling down or returning from either the place where they conducted their tertiary education or from abroad in their hometown (Miercurea Ciuc) or nearby. There are and have been interns with a permanent residence in the city as well as interns who have returned from as far as Sweden. We encourage and value our interns to a high extent, we are aware of their values as a workforce as well as persons. There are many different tasks and projects that our interns have been involved in, some examples for this are compiling applications for financial support from the EU, preparing material for lawsuits, developing the local public transport network and they have received individual projects as well as being encouraged to unfold and elaborate on their own ideas that could potentially lead to a more smooth operation of Harghita County Council or any of the sub-institutes.

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