Information concerning the competences of Harghita County Council in the field of vocational training

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According to the strategies, Harghita County Council has competences in the fields of culture, youth and economic development.

Harghita County Council has several subordinated institutions, among these: the Agricultural Chamber, which also deals with adult training; the Saint Ann Specialized school, which organizes vocational trainings, like hairdresser; the Popular Art School, where there is also adult training in various fields like: wood carving, Sekler gate carving, design, music, dances, etc; Furthermore The Cultural Center of Harghita County has some accredited adult education programs such us: photographer, training of the trainers, etc. 

Harghita County Council is member of a cluster in this field.

Harghita County Council assists the professional educational institutions from the rural areas through the microregional associations and according to the development strategies, participates in the organization of vocational training addressed to adults.

Except this year, Harghita County Council assisted the development of educational institutions from Harghita county with funds not only in exceptional cases

In case of projects destinated to the development of vocational schools, financed by EU, Harghita County Council could assist own contribution and ineligible costs. In special cases our institution can assist the activity of the schools with the reserve fund.

Harghita County Council is member of the county vocational training committee, which operates besides county school inspectorate and regulates the establishement of specialisations and schools, etc. At the same time is a member of the committee responsible for the qualification and approval of the programmes addressed to adult education.

Within Harghita County Council is established the Committee repsponsible for education.

Through our office destinated to the stimulation of investments, Harghita County Council manages the cooperation with entrepreneurs, who formulate the needs that appear in the field of vocational training.

Harghita County Council manages different calls of proposals, through this one aimed to the establishment of model farms for educational purposes, we assist this activity as well.

There are also established special burses addressed to the sector of vocational training.

Harghita County Council contributes to the training of trainers working on educational sector.

It was established the county level educational resource center, financed by the County council, which is responsible for guidance in vocational field and jobs.

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