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"Warmly welcomed by this Szekler gate's owner, who awaits with open arms all travellers from all over the world."
I am greeting you with this traditional gate inscription in the name of Szeklerland's heart, Harghita County, home of Szekler gates and forests.
Everyone remembers different things about our land. Some remember it after its grandiose mountains or the famous Grace Statue of Virgin Mary of Csiksomlyo. Other remember it after the beautiful Saint Anne Lake or the Killer Lake. But there are some who remember with kindness about its hay carts, grandmothers with head-scarves and the picturesque image of the whole view. For me this land means Homeland, lived by hundreds of centuries by Szekler people that work hard for their livability and assuring well-being for their community. And where we work right now, with our best knowings, abilities, opportunities and estimating traditions, are based on our ancestors experience that were able to maintain themselves after generations through keeping in the same time Szeklerland's natural and cultural treasures. The mountains, forests, mineral springs and traditions arising from all of these make us unique and give us several chances. I am greeting you in Szeklerland! I am honestly wishing you to feel yourself at home, to experience our kind hospitality and in the same time I welcome you to build together a successful and strong region of Szeklerland!
Borboly Csaba
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