Seklerland in Brussels
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Press Release of December 6th 2011

About the Sekler Products in Brussels 


Mr. Csaba Borboly, president of Harghita County Council met with Mr. Jerzy Buzek, president of the European Parliament


buzekOn 5th of December, Mr. Csaba Borboly met with Mr. Jerzy Buzek, presdent of the European Parliament and with Mr. Martin Kamp, Secretary General of the EPP in Brussels. The next day, the president of the county council also met with other European Parliament deputies and heads of national delegations.


Mr. Jerzy Buzek, president of the European Parliament got from Mr. Csaba Borboly a Christmas present containing traditional and bio Sekler Products on 5th of December. Mr. Borboly, during 5-7 of December this year went to an official visit in Brussels for the activities of the Representation office of Seklerland in Brussels and on 5th of December participated at several official meetings on which Mr. Csaba Sogor also participated. The president of the county council presented to the officials he met the priorities and objectives of the traditional Sekler Product promotion on international level and also those products he brought to Brussels.


kamp2Mr. Martin Kamp, Secretary General of the EPP also got a present from Mr. Csaba Borboly, who also invited Mr. Kamp to visit Harghita County and the Pilgrimage of Sumuleu Ciuc held next year. Mr. Martin Kamp said that the opening of a representation office in Brussels is a good initiative, because gives an opportunity to present the local culture and history in the European Union's capital. He also thanked for the present and mentioned that this was his first Christmas gift this year.


During the day, Mr. Csaba Borboly also met with Mr. Theodor Stolojan, EP member who told about his positive experiences in Harghita County considering the development process successful. The president of the county council also met on 5th of December with Mr. Winkler Gyula and Mr. Csaba Sogor about further possibilities to promote Sekler Products on european level.


Ont he next day of the official visit, Mr. Borboly met with Mrs. Edit Bauer and Mr. Alajos Mészáros EP members and presented the Representation office's main objectives and plans for its activities in the future. They also discussed about the openness the show toward participating in common international projects for further developments, cooperation and common promotion of each's local values on international level.


Brussels, 6th of December 2011.

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