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Press Release of February 29th 2012

Manneken Pis statue will be dressed in traditional Sekler costume

Another official delegation on behalf of the Harghita County's Representation Office went to Brussels this week


manneken pis_huszarruhabanIt is the second time that this year specialists from Harghita County Council are delegated to the Representation Office of Harghita County (in collaboration with Covasna County and City of Sovata, represented under the common brand of "Seklerland") to Brussels, Belgium. For an efficient and optimal activity of the office, opened last year in June in collaboration with Harghita, Covasna and Mureș counties, Harghita County Council nominates delegations in rotation system and the delegated persons participate in international conferences, seminars and official meetings, presenting the values, regional, county and local programs.


Similar to last year's activity, Harghita County Council plans to run in 2012 programs, promotions and meetings, successful consultations that are also brought into the attention of local authorities to represent them efficiently. European institutions and member states' representations organize this year several events and conferences – seminars, debates, forums, consultations – in Brussels in the following areas: energy, Common Agricultural Policy, Cohesion and Economic Policies, social assistance, elaboration of the Europe2020 strategy, food production policies, partnerships, innovation, research, health, entrepreneurs' support, youth, veterinary medicine, tourism, traditional products and so on.


In 2012 the county council will put accent on programs launched from its own initiatives. Through the organization of the Representation Office will be presented traditional Sekler products and the regions' traditions, respectively dressing the Manneken Pis statue in traditional Sekler costume. The statue is occasionally dressed in different specific costumes, for example on 3rd of January 2011, by honouring the Hungarian EU Presidency, it was dressed in Hungarian cavalryman and on 1st of December 2010 in Romanian costume. (Informations about the statue in English and the presentation of an official launch of a costume can be found on the following link: ).


Based on Mr. Borboly Csaba's declaration, president of Harghita County Council, the main objective is that, through economic and social development measures, Seklerland to become the green heart of Europe, the region being a unique touristic potential and through optimal development activities it can become one of the top ten touristic destinations in Europe.


"We consider that our work can be an efficient one only if Harghita, Covasna and Mureș counties will be present together at the capital of EU decisions. We have numerous projects with European financial support but there are also other opportunities and based on this matter it is necessary to represent them in Brussels", said the president.


The representation office was opened to present the specific interests, economic and touristic opportunities of the three counties at the institutions of the European Union, contributing by this means to the region's development on long term.


Miercurea-Ciuc, February 29th 2012

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